Client Portal Login

Access the referral area in the client portal.

Send Invitations

Send invitations to people you want to recommend vBoxxCloud to.

Wait for users to upgrade

Easily monitor invite status in the client portal.

Earn 30GBs per referral

For each successfull referral you will get 30GBs for free.

Manage your referrals from the client portal

If you already have a vBoxxCloud account, you can start recommending vBoxxCloud to your friends directly from the client portal. Where you can manage your invites and monitor how much free storage do you have.

Monitor Free Storage

The client portal referral area helps you manage your free storage and monitor your referrals with just a few clicks.

Track Invite Status

Send as many invites as you would like, for each trial that becomes a paid account you can earn 30GBs.

vboxxcloud referrals dashboard
earn 30GB per referral with vboxxcloud

Recommend vBoxxCloud and earn free storage

By recommending vBoxxCloud you can earn 30GB per vBoxxCloud signup, the total amount of storage is limitless. Start helping your visitors and friends keep their files private and secure.

Unlimited Invitations

You can send an unlimited number of invitations.

Easy to Monitor

Monitor your invites from the client portal.

Email Notifications

Receive an email when one of your referrals upgrades.

30GB per Referral

For each successfull referral you will get 30GB.

What our customers say about vBoxxCloud

"I am using this cloud service for a short time now, but I am really liking it and looking at the upcoming GDPR, it’s a big step forward."

"As an entrepeneur data are my main sources. So safe data management is crucial. The products and services of vBoxx are great."

"vBoxx is easy to use. The customer service is also very friendly and helpful. The migration to vBoxx has been very pleasant."