project collaboration in the cloud, edit your documents online with vBoxxCloud

Why should you choose a Google Drive alternative?

  • Google scans and analyzes your data
  • Google can manipulate your documents
  • Little control over files you shared with others
  • More vulnerable than vBoxxCloud

Edit documents online

If you want to avoid local files, but still want to work in Word, Excel and Powerpoint you can use the vBoxxCloud Online Document Editor. Edit your documents online by yourself or together with others (including free guest users). Simply open your web browser and start editing documents.

project collaboration in the cloud, edit your documents online with vBoxxCloud

vBoxxCloud and Google Drive comparison

Features vboxxcloud logo dropbox logo
Type of subscription Monthly Monthly
Hosted in the Netherlands
Unlimited upload size
Custom Branding
Scalable Storage
Personalized support
Free Demo + Support

Unlimited external users

  • Create guest users to securely share content with external users
  • Create an unlimited number of guest users at no additional cost
  • Share and edit documents online with clients and partners
  • create guest users at no additional costs, and edit documents online together

    Join vBoxxCloud and start sharing your documents

    "User-friendly product and reliable (and GDPR-compliant!) alternative to Dropbox. Friendly and customer-oriented employees."

    "As an entrepreneur data are my main sources. So safe data management is crucial. The products and services of vBoxx are great."

    "vBoxx is easy to use. The customer service is also very friendly and helpful. The migration to vBoxx has been very pleasant."

    Share large files with vBoxxCloud

    Monthly subscription | Secure File Transfer | Easily scalable

    vboxxcloud logo


    Per user

    Unlimited file size
    No cloud storage limit
    Hosted in the Netherlands
    Personalized support
    Team Level Control
    Custom branding
    Password protected shares
    Activity History
    Free online demo

    alternatief dropbox logo


    Per user

    30GB Cloud Storage limit
    Not GDPR Ready
    Google Docs
    Hosted in the US and EU
    Google can scan data
    Email Support
    Little control over shared files

    Extra Information

    Why should you avoid Google Drive?

    Google Drive scans and analyzes your files to provide you with "relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising and malware detection." Additionally, Google is very vague when talking about the privacy of your documents, stating that you agree to sharing your data with third parties when signing up for Google Drive.

    Is Google Drive good for my business?

    Due to the privacy concerns that Google raises, it is better choose a cloud storage solution that guarantees the privacy and security of your data. If you conduct business inside the European Union you will need to be GDPR compliant, choosing a GDPR compliant cloud storage solution will help you guarantee that you handle customer and company data accordingly.

    Can I get free cloud storage with vBoxxCloud?

    If you have a vBoxxCloud paid account you can participate in the referral program and the review program to earn free storage. You can find more information about the program: vBoxxCloud Free Storage.

    Why do I need a free migration service?

    Migrating data from one cloud solution to another can be stressful and time consuming. Our free migration service makes sure our new clients experience a smooth transition to vBoxxCloud.

    Keep your files secure and confidential with vBoxxCloud