Secure collaboration in the Cloud for construction

The Cloud is applicable to many aspects of the construction industry. But what can you do with the Cloud? Collaboration and file sharing are the most efficient solutions for the construction sector. Since team members can access the files not only from their fixed office, but also from home or on the road via a laptop or tablet. This way you can provide feedback to each other much more quickly.



Audited and certified by an external and third party. Make your company GDPR-compliant by using vBoxxCloud!

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Access to your Cloud - Available anytime, anywhere in the world

With vBoxxCloud, you can work from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. This way, you'll always have access to all important files. Consider the use of BIM models, measurements, expense estimates, and building project preparation. Furthermore, in vBoxxCloud, you can chat and collaborate on the same documents in real time. All of this is based on a single, real-time version of a file. This prevents errors by using the wrong document versions, which is efficient for all project members.

Two-Step Authentication

Activate an additional login verification via email or mobile device.

Edit Online Office

Collaborate online in real-time in the same Office document.

Version control

Easily recover deleted files or older versions.


Recover infected files and documents in seconds.

Work offline on projects in the Cloud for construction

It is possible that you will not have internet access everywhere while working on a construction project. But do you still want to access your Cloud files? You can also work on projects offline with vBoxxCloud. To do so, install our Sync Tool on your desktop or laptop. With this application installed on your device, you can work directly in your Finder on Mac or File Explorer on Windows. As soon as you have internet access again, all offline adjustments are automatically synchronized to the Cloud and all other users.

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GDPR and ISO Certificates

At vBoxxCloud we take your privacy very seriously. Your data is safely stored in highly secure data centers in the Netherlands that have the following certificates:

GDPR Certificate

ISO 27001 for information security

ISO 9001 for quality management systems

ISO 14001 for environmental management

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vBoxxCloud supports AutoCAD and Photoshop files

All heavy files, such as AutoCAD or Photoshop, can be stored in our Cloud for construction. This is also helpful if you have multiple versions of a project. Have you accidentally deleted a version? Then, you can easily recover them since you control how long deleted files are kept in the Cloud.

Lock AutoCAD files

AutoCAD files can also be securely locked in the cloud. This way, you can work comfortably in your own AutoCAD file without anyone saving over your work.


These construction companies already work in our Cloud!

"We have been using vBoxx cloud for some time now and we are very happy and satisfied with the choice for vBoxx. Extensive telephone explanation during the setup, systems easily accessible and good helpdesk if you cannot find a way. In short: recommended!"

"I recently started using vBoxcloud and I like it and it is a big step we have made with regard to the upcoming GDPR legislation. And if you still have questions, they will be answered very quickly. I can recommend this service to everyone."

"GDPR-compliant, safe and fast. Simple operation, 2-factor authentication for even more security and possibility to disconnect a device. Also set which folders are visible on which device. And Dutch expert support. I am very satisfied with it."

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