Real-Time Synchronization with file locking

On the file icon a lock will appear to indicate that the file is locked for editing. Users can still look into the file or create a new copy of the file.

Every user can request information about the user that locked the file. Administrators can always override and remove the file lock.

Get a visual confirmation when file locking
Lock specific files automatically

Specific file types can be locked automatically

  • Decide for each shared folder if you want Microsoft Word and Excel files to be locked automatically when opened by a user

  • The user can subsequently decide if he or she wants to receive a confirmation message of the automatic locking

"Read-only" notification

If the file is locked by another user, you will receive a "Read-Only" notification while saving.

Get a read-only notificantions when working on the same document

Avoid file conflicts with vBoxxCloud

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