Multi-tenant cloud

Do you need to manage various departments or different organizations in the cloud? If that is the case, you can take advantage of the multi-tenant features in vBoxxCloud. Every sub-organization can have its administrator and its own set of policies.

Only admins from higher organizations can access sub-organizations.

multi-tenant cloud

Connect your file server to the cloud
(File Server Enablement)

If you work with a file server and need to connect it to the cloud to make all files always available, it's possible. With file server enablement, you can give remote access to local office files. Any changes made in the vBoxxCloud are directly synced to the file server.

Useful for remote work, file migrations and as an extra backup.

file server enablement

Active Directory Integration

Users can log in with the same details from your office file server. Our cloud active directory integration helps you import the authentication list into vBoxxCloud.

Available for any organization and can be tested during the trial.

active directory integration with the vboxxcloud

Connect your email server to the cloud

Everyday many emails are sent from vBoxxCloud. Whether you have shared a file, created a new user, or alert emails are sent. You can send these emails from your email server by adding it to vBoxxCloud. You can track these emails in your server logs, and most importantly, reduce the likelihood of being identified as spam.

Emails are sent from your servers, reducing the spam.

integrate email server with vboxxcloud

Extensive cloud API integration

The extensive Application Programming Interface (API) for vBoxxCloud is available to everyone and easily accessible via the link below. With this API, you can, for example, link your systems to vBoxxCloud to automate various actions within your organization.

Access the API for vBoxxCloud
api integration with vboxxcloud

Cloud configurations for IT admins

Implement various policies at the organization and user level. Set up your organization according to company data policies. vBoxxCloud is GDPR Ready.

organization settings vboxxcloud
organization policies vboxxcloud
user settings vboxxcloud
file recovery settings