Identify which data needs limited access

Identifying who needs access to which files is a great starting point to keep your data secure. vBoxxCloud gives you multiple ways to manage access to files:

Team Folders

User Access Roles

Organization Structure

File Policies

Activity Log


vboxxcloud cloud recovery tools

Set Up Data Loss Prevention Policies

After classifying the data you have and who needs access to the files, you can decide which policies you want to apply to your organization.

Prevent file deletion

Continuous backup policies are available to help you prevent users from deleting files.

File Versioning

Every file edit is saved in the cloud and you can restore your file history at any moment.

data prevention policies

Avoid Data Breaches

Know where your files are and remotely remove file access.

two-step authentication app

Two-Step Authentication

An additional authentication step will help you prevent unauthorized access. Security app, SMS and email authentication are available.

delete files remotely with vboxxcloud

Delete files remotely

If an employee leaves the company, you can remotely remove access to the cloud and delete any downloaded files as soon as they are online..

granular file permissions

Granular File Permissions

User access roles help you manage what users can do inside a team folder. Improve online collaboration while safeguarding your files.

follow cloud activity

Follow Cloud Activity

Easily access user and file activity. Create alerts or weekly to monitor what happens in vBoxxCloud and catch suspicious user activity.

Recover your files after a ransomware attack

Unfortunately, ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent. Files are encrypted and inaccessible until you pay a ransom, without any guarantee that you will get your files back. The snapshot feature helps you restore an entire folder structure from a specific point in time when your files were healthy.

Restore entire folder structures to an specific point in time

Create a copy of a team folder and re-subscribe users to a healthy folder

Force exclusive online work and prevent files from being stored locally

recover files in vboxxcloud