Choose what you want to sync to your computer

Only synchronize the content you need.

select what is synced to your computer

Choose what is synced to your computer

From the moment you install the vBoxx Sync Tool, you can choose which folders are downloaded to your computer. You can use selective sync at any time.

save local storage with vboxxcloud

Save Local Storage

All the folders are easily accessible from the web interface. Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents can also be edited online by more than one user.

Using Selective Sync in vBoxxCloud

Select which folders you want to synchronize to the computer. When deselecting, the synchronization tool automatically removes the files.

Select per machine

Any computer can use selective sync. This means that each user can decide for himself what to download to save local storage.

Automatic File Removal

Folders that have been unselected are automatically deleted from the computer and can always be synchronized again.

selective sync in vboxxcloud

Connect other devices to vBoxxCloud

Discover alternative ways to connect your devices to vBoxxCloud.

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webDAV access

Outlook Plugin


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connect other devices to vboxxcloud