differentiate from competitors

Differentiate from competitors

Show your clients and employees that they are using a company-approved cloud solution.

build brand loyalty

Build Brand Loyalty

When you share sensitive documents, your logo and terms and conditions will help build trust.

your terms and conditions

Your Terms and Conditions

Create custom terms and conditions and enforce your data policies to employees and clients.

Your cloud. Your branding.

To share sensitive files outside your company, employees and co-workers need to work in an online environment that uses the necessary security and data governance policies. This is particularly important for the clients and partners that receive these files.

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Company Logo

Customize vBoxxCloud with your logo and let every user know they are using a company approved cloud.

Custom URL

Share a custom URL with your company name and make it easy for users and guest users to access the cloud.

Customize Email Templates

Emails sent from vBoxxCloud can be fully customized with your brand design in HTML.

Mobile Splash Screen

Showcase your company's brand on every screen size, including tablets and smartphones.

Folder Name

Customize the name of your sync folder and make it instantly recognizable for employees and partners.


Showcase your company's confidentiality terms on every app and sync tool installation.

white label file sharing - vboxxcloud

Searching for white label file sharing?

Talk to one of our experts and learn how cloud storage with custom branding can help your business.

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Cloud storage with custom branding

Your file sharing solution should promote your brand, not ours. Work in a cloud environment where your files are secure and help people inside and outside your company identify your tools.

GDPR Compliance

vBoxxCloud is 100% GDPR compliant. All your documents are safely stored in our data centers in the Netherlands. No one has access to your data.

Full Custom Support

We are available by phone, mail, and live chat. Our support team is always available to help with any question you have.

vboxxcloud company branding

Free Unlimited Guest Users

Use free guest users to share documents securely. Guest users will immediately see your logo and read your terms and conditions.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated expert that is available to help you customize the branding in vBoxxCloud, ask our expert any questions you have.

What our customers say about vBoxxCloud

"A user-friendly product and a reliable (and GDPR-compliant!) replacement for Dropbox. Friendly and customer-oriented support."

"Incredibly flexible and supportive cloud provider and cloud solution. It is ideal for companies (of any size really) and is user friendly."

"A safe and personal solution for my business and private data. Happy with the service and the easy transfer. Very user-friendly."

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