File version management

vBoxxCloud keeps any old file versions backed up. You can quickly restore each version whenever it is necessary.

Download older file versions

Download an old version of the file to view and compare it with the current version in the cloud.

Restore older file versions

You can also restore file revisions with a click of a button. Restored the wrong version? Simply revert it.

file revisions vboxxcloud

View the activities of the file

View the log of a file to find out what happened to that file. The following activities are recorded:

Who worked on the file.

When have they edited the file.

How the file was edited.

Learn more about cloud activity

file activity vboxxcloud

Discover why people use vBoxxCloud

GDPR-ready, safe and fast. Simple to use, 2-factor authentication for even more security and you can disconnect a device. You can also decide which folders are visible on which device. Full support in Dutch. I'm very satisfied.


We are happy with vBoxxCloud. Installation is easy and the contact with vBoxx is very good. Installing vBoxxCloud on your desktop was very easy and works properly. In other words I recommend it to any company


Who can use file versioning?

Although users cannot permanently delete files, you can also limit which users can restore files.

Adjust cloud policies

Determine for the entire organization, whether users can restore older file versions.

Determine user access rights

Chose from various user permissions roles to limit what they can do inside a team folder.

Learn more about cloud user rights
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