create user access roles in vboxxcloud

Create user access roles

Improve the collaboration process by assigning Team Share roles to help you limit or expand what users can do in Team Shares.

Granular Permissions

manage cloud access per device in vboxxcloud

Manage access per device

Manage which devices have access to a shared folder in vBoxxCloud. Implement exclusive access policies to prevent data breaches.

Manage access

track user activity in vboxxcloud

Track user activity

Admins can easily track cloud activity with the activity log. Always know what users are doing in the vBoxxCloud.

Track Cloud Activity

create user access groups for better cloud management

Create user groups

Do you need to manage a large number of users? Create user groups and grant or remove access to a large number of users.

Create user groups

Granular Permissions

With permission roles, you can decide what subscribed users can do with the files. vBoxxCloud granular permissions are based on NTFS permissions. Each permission role has a specific read, write and delete settings.

Web Portal

Users who attempt to perform an unauthorized action receive an error message.


Desktop users will find a notification in the Warnings tab related to file permissions.

granular permission roles vboxxcloud

Cloud user access rights

Each role can help you define what a user can do inside a Team Share.


Can seamlessly work with others by creating share links and modifying all content locally and on the web.


Can't create share links and is best suited for individual contributors who need to change files locally and online.

Web Editor

Web editors can edit files online with the web editor. Can't download files or sync content locally.


The best option for users who need to view files locally or online, but don't need to edit it.


The previewer can only preview content in the web portal and see the folder structure.


Uploaders can only view the folder structures (not files) and upload files and folders on the web.

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Manage device access

You can also choose which devices can access the cloud. Limit the number of devices that can connect to vBoxxCloud and guarantee that users can only access their files from the office computer.

Web and Mobile


Future Machines

Specific Machines

Manage device access in vBoxxCloud

manage device access in vboxxcloud

Track User Activity

Monitor user activity and always know what users are doing in vBoxxCloud. Set up weekly or monthly reports to receive cloud audit logs to get an overview of cloud activity.

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file activity report in vboxxcloud

Create user groups in vBoxxCloud

Managing a large number of users can be overwhelming. Create user groups to manage departments or a large number of cloud users easily. After creating a group, you can easily apply granular permissions to different groups.

create user groups in vBoxxCloud