How to cancel your vBoxxCloud account?


If you would like to cancel your vBoxxCloud account you can do it through the client portal. Follow the steps below to cancel the account.
Note: We always recommend first contacting our team to ask for support or provide feedback before cancelling. 

How to cancel your account?

  1. Sign in with your Client Portal account here.

    vBoxx Client Portal login
  2. In your customer page, all your vBoxx products will be listed.

  3. In the vBoxxCloud tab click on Manage.

    vBoxx Client Portal - Manage vBoxxCloud product
  4. You will see a listing of services associated with vBoxxCloud. Click on Manage Product and then Request Cancellation.

    cancel your vboxxcloud account - 1
  5. Write the reason why you would like to cancel vBoxxCloud and after selecting if you would like to cancel the service immediately or at the end of the billing period, click on Request Cancellation.

    cancel vboxxcloud - 2

  6. Once the cancellation request is sent our team will confirm the cancellation as soon as possible.