How to install the mobile application?

You can manage your files and folders from various mobile apps, including the Android app, the iOS app, or the Windows Phone app. You can find and download your device-specific app in the following locations:

1. You can find the mobile application by logging in with your vBoxxCloud account on the device:

web portal login - vBoxxCloud

2. Click the ''Download vBoxx Sync App'' button.

download vboxx sync app - vBoxxCloud

3. In the Download page, select the desired application: Android AppiOS App, or Windows Phone App.
download apps from web portal - vBoxxCloud

Note: Alternatively you can directly access any app store and search for Synced Tool to install the app.
app stores android, iOS and windows store - vBoxxCloud
4. The application will ask to fill in the server name or host. When you don't use your own server, the name is as follows:

5. Through the app you are able to download and upload files as well as access your backups.
6. The Settings menu provides an overview of your account, in the same panel you can set up Camera uploads as well as WI-FI only synchronization.