How to restore deleted files and revisions?

Generally, users are not allowed to delete their own files unless they have permission. If you right click and press Delete the file will still be on the server.

If you accidentally deleted or need to find the file again it is easy to restore. On the top right of the screen next to the file search bar, you will find “Show Deleted”. 

restore deleted files - vboxxcloud


After you click Show Deleted, all deleted files will show up faded out. 

show deleted files - vBoxxCloud


Right click on the file or folder you want to restore to recover it. 

show deleted files - vBoxxCloud

What Are Revisions?

vBoxxCloud keeps track of file changes. You can easily restore older versions of files. From the web UI right click on the file and click Revisions. 

view file revisions - vBoxxCloud


How to Restore a Previous Version?

Once you click Revisions it will redirect to a screen where you can download older versions or restore an older version to the current revision. The most current version will be highlighted in green.

restore revisions - vBoxxCloud