How to create team shares

1. When you logged in your vBoxxCloud account via the web browser, click on Organization and then click on the Shares button. You will see the Shares page with all the existing Team Shares.

2. Click on the New Team Share button to create a new team share.



3. The following share settings appears


4. Scroll down to give access to the users registered in the organization.

 5. Further down you can write the email of external users.

Team Share subscribers - vBoxxCloud


  • Users or groups can work together in 1 shared folder called Team Shares. For example, you might create separate Team Shares for each department or project groups of company.
  • End users can create their own Team Shares, or administrators can create Team Shares for end users. For example, you might create separate Team Shares for each department, or for project teams.
  • To prevent Team Share subscribers from accessing and editing the same file at the same time, you can optionally turn on the File Locking feature, which allows end users to lock files and folders before they begin making changes.

Note: Team Shares can only be configured for users in your organization; guest accounts cannot be added to Team Shares.