Technical F.A.Q


How much bandwidth do I have with my account?

The data you send/receive is limited to 20 times the size of your storage in a month. That means you can upload or download 20 times your entire storage space in a month. That is much more than you should normally need for usage of your vBoxxCloud. If you use more we will try and contact you to see why this in happening.


Do I have to install the vBoxx Sync Tool?

The software is optional and can be downloaded when logging in to your vBoxxCloud account. Once downloaded you will be able to install the vBoxxCloud Sync Tool on either a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop. The client can also be installed on Android or iOS. More information on the specific System Requirements can be found here. More information on how to install the Sync Tool can be found here.


What is a Sync Tool?

The Sync Tool is a powerful app that creates a sync folder on your system. All the data in that folder will be automatically synced to the server. This folder is controlled by the Sync Tool and therefore has some additional features. Because this folder gets Synced to the server whenever a file changes it is possible to view the revisions of all the files in the sync folder. It is also possible to share the files directly from the Sync Folder as vBoxxCloud will send a (unique) link to the email recipients you add. That link will make it possible to download the file directly from the vBoxxCloud server. More info on sharing and revisions can be found in this video.


Where is the vBoxx Folder located on my local machine?

After you have downloaded the installation file, you can install and register the vBoxx Sync Tool on your local machine. You can then access all your files from one folder. The name of the folder is vBoxx Sync.

The vBoxx Sync folder can be found at C:\Users\[User Name]\vBoxx Sync, but users can select a different location for this folder during the installation process.

Note: Do not select an external drive as the location of the Synced Folder. An external drive can unregister unexpectedly, and could lead to data loss.  


Why can't I see file and folder sync icons on my machine?

Windows can only display a limited number of icon overlays (ranked alphabetically). If another file sync applications are installed on the same computer they can be blocking the vBoxx Desktop Client. to solve this issue, read the Icon Overlay article.

For macOS you might need to activate the vBoxx Sync Tool extension. Go to System Preferences Extensions  and check the SyncedToolAgent box. 


Why do I see a red X icon on my vBoxx Sync Tool?

The vBoxx sync tool might not be running. Runservices.msc to open Services Manager. on your local machine, right-click the Synced Tool service, and select Start.


Can I backup a database?

The Backup feature was created to back up and restore important personal files, i.e. Microsoft Office documents, pictures, PDF's and other similar files. Files that are typically stored in a user directory or a home folder.

This feature isn't designed to back up or restore databases, operating systems, or applications; backing up directories that have application folders, system files, or temporary files will cause high CPU usage, and might affect the syncing process. 


Can I configure File Server Enablement for a San or NAS volume?

Yes. Besides local paths, you can specify a network share, UNC path, or NAS device as a File Server Enablement source. For more detailed information read How to Set Up a UNC Path for File Server Enablement?