Using vBoxxCloud on iOS


If you use an iPhone or an iPad, you can download the vBoxxCloud app from the App Store. The app will allow you to: 

  • Open /view files and folders;
  • Edit files;
  • Lock files and folders;
  • Share files and folders;
  • Send secure shares of files and folders
  • Upload content from your device;
  • Automatically back up your camera roll to a synced folder;
  • Rename, delete, and move items
  • Favorite items for offline viewing.


1. In your iOS device, after downloading and installing the Synced Tool, press the app icon to launch it. 
  • in the User field, enter your username.
  • In the Password field, enter your password.
  • Press the Login button when finished.
vboxxcloud app login screen - vBoxxCloud

2. If Two-Step Authentication is enabled as an organization/account policy, you will have to enter an authentication code during the initial registration. Enter the Authentication Code and press the OK button.  

iOS app two step authentication - vBoxxCloud

3. If the Two-Step Authentication is active as an organization policy, you will need to configure a passcode after the initial registration. At subsequent sessions, you will have to enter this passcode when accessing your mobile app.
Note: If Two-Step Authentication has been turned on only at the account level, configuring a passcode won't be necessary. 
4. You will be directed to the Settings page. Select Use Passcode.

set up passcode on iOS - vBoxxCloud
Enter a Passcode.
iOS app passcode - vboxxcloud
When accessing the mobile app, you will be prompted to enter this passcode.

Navigating the iOS App

When accessing your account, you can use the app to open, view, manage and upload files. 

  1. Press the Files button to view and manage your files and folders; You can rename, move, or mark items as favorites. 
  2. Press the Backups button to view a list of backups.
  3. Press the Favorites button to view a list of items that you have marked as favorites. Favorites are files saved for offline viewing.
  4. Press the Upload button to upload content (i.e., images or photos) from your phone to vBoxxCloud.
  5. Press the Settings button to access your account information. App version, user name, space usage, passcode lock settings, and global storage settings can all be found in the Settings.


Viewing and Editing Files

You can view files using Web Preview, which gives you the ability to preview content without fully downloading it to your device. You can also edit files from your mobile device and collaborate with co-authors in real-time. In this way, you can review and update content without h.

  1. Press the Files button. The Files screen appears.
  2. In the Files screen, find the file you want to view.
  3. Press the title of the file. The file will open in Web Preview, allowing you to preview content without having to download the file.
  4. In Web Preview mode, you can press the Edit button to edit the document from your mobile device. 
The Web Editor displays, allowing you to edit the file and collaborate with co-authors in real-time. 

Locking Files and Folders

If necessary you can lock a file or folder within a Team Share. 

  1. Press the Files button.
  2. In the Files screen, press the Edit link at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    shares iOS app - vBoxxCloud
  3. Select the file or folder you want to lock, and press the Lock button at the bottom. The file is now locked, preventing other users from accessing the content.

file locking on iOS devices - vboxxcloud

Sharing Files & Folders

You can share files and folders directly from the app. You can also send secure shares.

  1. Press the Files button.
  2. In the Files screen, find the file or folder that you want to share and slide it to the right. Press the Share button.

    sharing files on iOS - vBoxxCloud
  3. To send a share link, press E-Mail link. If you want to send a secure share, press the E-mail secure link.  If the organization admin has configured settings to only use secure shares, you will only have that option available.

    secure shares iOS - vboxxcloud
    You will be prompted to enter a recipient email address and compose an email message.

Backing Up Your Camera Roll

You can automatically back up the photos taken with your iPhone, iPad or iPod to a folder using the Auto Backup feature. Once this feature is activated, your mobile app will automatically back up photos, videos, or both. You will find the photos and videos in a folder called Camera Uploads. This feature guarantees that you always have a backup of your photos and videos. 

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. In the Settings page, press Enable Auto Backup
  3. Press the Back Up Photos option to configure settings for backing up photos in your camera roll:

    - Select Never if you don't want to back up the photos.
    - Select Over Wi-Fi Only to back up photos only when connected to Wi-Fi.
    - Select Over Wi-Fi or Mobile Network to back up your photos whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network.

  4. Press the Back-Up Videos option to configure the options for backing up videos.

    • Select Never if you don't want to back up your videos.
    • Select Over Wi-Fi Only to back up videos only when you are connected to Wi-Fi.
    • Select Over Wi-Fi or Mobile Network to back up your videos whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or on your mobile network. 
vboxxcloud app settingsNote: If you use your data connection, charges from your service provider may apply.


Setting a File or Folder as a Favorite for Offline Viewing

You can mark files and folders as a favorite in order to download them to your device. The mobile app will be aware of files that are not favorites. Only favorite files and folders will be fully downloaded. Based on storage limitations you can decide to favorite or unfavorite files and folders.

  1. In the Files screen, slide the appropriate file or folder to the right to reveal a set of options.
  2. Press the Favorite button (star icon) to mark the file as a favorite. Marking a folder as a favorite also marks all files inside as favorite.
  3. To a view of a full list of favorite files and folders, press the Favorites button. 


download files - vboxxcloud app