vBoxxCloud version v2.7.0

Release date: 9 May

vBoxx is pleased to announce vBoxxCloud v2.7.0, our latest release of vBoxxCloud, which includes important improvements and updates related to performance and user experience. 

Important Notes:

  • With the release of vBoxxCloud v.2.7.0, the desktop client no longer supports outdated Operating Systems, like Windows Vista, Mavericks v.10.9, and Yosemite v.10.10.


New Features

  • Administrators can now assign permission roles to subscribers within a Team Share. Roles can be assigned at the Group level, or to individual user accounts. Step-by-step Guide: Knowledgebase article.
  • More to come: Permission features are currently being developed and implemented in carefully planned stages. In addition to Team Share permissions on the server, web, and desktop clients, the vBoxx team will soon be releasing updates to Synced Tool for iOS, Synced Tool for Android and the Outlook Add-in with permissions updates.
  • Log files have been improved to generate a unique ID for each web request
  • The Allow Users to Lock Files policy is now turned on by default for new organizations
  • The Web Preview tool now supports the viewing of PDF files
  • System Administrators can now disable an organization through the API



  • The Outlook Add-In now correctly creates the Shared Items folder if it does not exist
  • The Edit icon has been updated within the right-click context menu in shared folders
  • Deleted Groups no longer display an active hyperlink
  • Typos and minor styling issues have been fixed in the web portal and on desktop clients
  • Team Share folders no longer re-sync to desktop clients as standard folders
  • The desktop client no longer re-registers and re-syncs Team Shares on machine startup when the registration wizard is interrupted before completion
  • Users are now able to unregister a user account from a Mac OS X desktop client during the sync process
  • The Mac OS X desktop client no longer crashes after configuring Selective Sync during the registration process
  • Click the My Files tab no longer intermittently redirects to the Download page
  • A 500 error no longer displays when selecting the Future Machines subscription option for Team Share subscribers
  • A 403 error no longer displays when standard user accounts log into the web portal
  • Clicking the Print button in the Web Preview tool now correctly prepares the page for printing
  • MSG files now load correctly in the Web Preview tool
  • The filestatus command now correctly returns SYNCING status while the desktop client is syncing
  • The Desktop Client Preferences dialog box no longer freezes when working in the Selective Sync tab
  • OS X Desktop Client no longer freezes during registration in some instances
  • When remotely browsing a machine, checkboxes no longer display adjacent to items that cannot be mapped
  • Mac Desktop Client log files now display correct date and time
  • The Desktop Client no longer throws errors when attempting to sync down a file or folder with a special character
  • Large files now load as expected in the Collaborative Web Editor
  • Collaborative Web Editor loads completely without stalling
  • PPTX files now successfully open in the Web Preview tool
Please contact your Account Manager or vBoxx Support if you have any questions. Thanks,

The vBoxx Team