Release Notes

vBoxxCloud version v3.5.0

Publication Date: 02/08/2023

The new version v3.5.0 of vBoxxCloud has been improved in terms of performance, scalability, security, and user experience.

New features:


How to use the sidebar?

Avatar / Profile color
  • Consistent color of the avatar icon, displayed on:
    • Top right icon
    • Share avatar icons in the sidebar
    • Notification center
  • It is now possible to add comments to any file or folder. These can be made via the sidebar for each user.
    • Displayed in the sidebar
  • Behavior on deletion:
    • When someone deletes a comment, the owner can still see the comment and decide whether to permanently delete the comment or recreate it.
  • It is now possible to add tags to each folder or file in the web interface. These can be created via the sidebar for each user.
    • Examples:
      • Projects
      • Clients
      • Dates
      • etc.
Trial Period Countdown
  • Now all new trial periods have an expiration countdown.
  • Mark any file or folder as a favorite and receive notifications in the notification center in the web interface about new comments or tags.
Notification Center
  • Receive notifications on your desktop and in the browser about changes to favorite files and folders.
  • View events in the notification center and keep track of the comments other users place in your vBoxxCloud.


  • Removed hardcoded exclusions for AutoCAD files.
  • Added exclusions for AutoCAD files on the web for organizational standards and retrospective database updates.
  • Disabled WebDAV access for all root folders in an organization when the WebDAV policy for the organization is disabled.
  • Allowed administrators to manage shared links within their organizations.
  • Automatically select text in the new folder name when creating a new folder.
  • Improved reliability of the snapshot root operation.
  • Enhanced performance and reliability of scheduled reports.
  • Enhanced performance and reliability of daily summaries.
  • Improved agent performance during initial metadata synchronization.
  • Added more detailed logging for certain agent errors.

App Improvements

  • Added support for the new Android 14 and iOS 17.
  • Added support for smaller devices.
  • Enhancements have been made to the overall flow and user experience.
  • Loading times have been significantly reduced.
  • Accuracy of the Android document scanner has been improved.
  • More pop-up message notifications have been added.
  • A lot of optimalizations and bug fixes

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed an issue where the Delete button was not showing up in the sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar wouldn't load for some team shares.
  • Fixed an issue where people you shared a file with wouldn't display correctly in the sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar was loaded for folders that did not yet exist (e.g., creating a new folder).
  • The "?" character is now allowed in the input field for tags/comments.
  • Agent fails to resume correctly after machine suspension.
  • Agent doesn't interrupt upload upon pause in certain cases.
  • Resolved an issue with the credentials screen in the agent GUI.
  • Fixed the location of service log files to match agent branding on MacOS.
  • Various issues with slow or stalled synchronizations.


  • Server - Deleted root folders are not removed from storage.
  • Server - 500 server error when deleting/renaming locked items by someone other than the lock owner.

Sync Tool

  • Sync Tool - Credentials screen GUI doesn't appear for network credentials warning message.
  • Sync Tool - Deselected root folders are not removed from synchronized folders.
  • Sync Tool - FSE assigned root folders fail in some cases during synchronization.
  • Sync Tool - Folder cannot be moved in some cases.
  • Sync Tool - ACLs of FSE assigned folders are not correctly cleared after agent logout.
  • Sync Tool - Location is not available in the Quick Access bar with special characters in the name.
  • Sync Tool - Warning icon overlay doesn't disappear when renaming a file/folder with a Viewer subscription.
  • Sync Tool - Does not apply ACLs to the file system.
  • Sync Tool - Cannot delete files with paths longer than 260 characters on Windows.
  • Sync Tool - GUI crashes when stopping the service on MacOS.

Virtual Sync Tool

  • Virtual Sync Tool - Content in team shares is not fully populated.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - Collision occurs with untouched file.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - Folder move event fails on Virtual Sync Tool v3.4.5.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - Folders are getting timestamp from system clock.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - No text 'Create a desktop shortcut?' in Thin Client installer.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - PDF and AI files are displayed as corrupted.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - Some files show a blue 'syncing' overlay when they are up-to-date.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - Stuck synchronization and reparse errors while copying data from a root folder.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - Synchronization stuck due to excluded extension in team share.
  • Virtual Sync Tool - Folders not accessible with error 'The operation couldn't be completed. Retry the operation.'
  • Virtual Sync Tool - GetRootMetadata times out until the service is restarted.


  • Web - "Show deleted" is disabled while browsing through folders/pages.
  • Web - 500 error when trying to view/download shared folder/file with guest account.
  • Web - An administrator of a sub-organization can delete a subscription for a parent group of a child group.
  • Web - After changing role from Editor to Previewer, user can see deleted files as "show deleted" was previously enabled.
  • Web - Autotask: "Cannot connect to Autotask with the provided credentials."
  • Web - Dialog box titles were incorrect: Clear Revisions and Permanently Delete.
  • Web - "Modified" filter by date disables "show deleted".


  • WebDAV - Error 'Cannot read from source file or disk' when renaming.
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