Release Notes

The new vBoxxCloud Version includes:

  • Thick client macOS
  • Thick client Windows
  • Thin client Windows
  • OutlookPlugin


  • Improved breadcrumb navigation for admins browsing through Team Shares
  • Changes required for support of Thick Client 3.6.x
  • Implemented major event system updates, improving the performance of agent registration and unblocking future performance improvements
  • Improved overall product stability
  • Changed temporary folder location for updater downloads in order not to trigger antivirus software
  • SMBv1 protocol is no longer supported for connecting to network drives. It's insecure and might cause issues. We recommend using SMBv2 or SMBv3 instead.
  • Upgraded database client
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Added support for macOS 14 Sonoma
  • The organization administrator can now disable two-step authentication per account, which is helpful when users lose their restore keys. If the organization settings require two-step authentication for all accounts, the user will be prompted to set it up again the next time they log in.
  • When deleting a user's account, the administrator can now choose to keep share links created by that user. In that case, the links will stay active and the organization administrator will be able to manage them.
  • We've improved policy checks in the uploader. If a user tries to upload a file that exceeds the organizational file size limit or has a restricted file type, they will get an error message immediately, without waiting for the upload to finish.
  • The user interface in the drag-and-drop upload dialog is improved.
  • The breadcrumb navigation for shared folders with deep folder structure is improved.
  • Updated the virtual file system driver for better performance and reliability. In some cases, when this driver is being used by another process during the program update, the users might be asked to reboot their machines for the program update to complete and for Thin Client to return to a fully functional state.


  • Fixed an issue with group subscriptions when manually disabled machine root subscriptions were re-enabling for users after a new team share was added to the group
  • Fixed an issue when WebDAV was disabling for users after they edited their personal settings
  • Fixed an issue when files and folders with multibyte characters in their names (such as diacritical marks from European languages and special symbols) couldn't be opened
  • Fixed an issue when local data was being deleted after removing file server enablement mapping on the server
  • Fixed an issue when removing or deselecting a root subscription during active syncing could cause slow or stalled sync
  • Fixed an issue when filesystem locks (Deny ACE) weren’t disabling even after agent locks were lifted in some cases
  • Fixed an issue when deleted files and folders kept being recreated
  • Fixed an issue when changing machine/profile name was resulting in agent service becoming unable to start even after reboot
  • Fixed an issue when user file changes could be overwritten with server without collision
  • Fixed an issue when permissions were applied incorrectly, causing the error “assertion failed new_modifications.empty”
  • Fixed server-side handling of files and folders with multibyte characters in names to avoid duplicating. Client-side fix is underway
  • Fixed an issue when combinations of special characters in file names that are not supported on Windows and originate on macOS could cause Thick Client to stop syncing
  • Fixed an issue when the add-in couldn't launch properly for some users
  • Fixed an issue when the add-in settings window couldn't open for some users
  • Fixed an issue when Team Share icons in Finder were displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue when going to sleep could cause problems with reconnecting and resuming sync
  • Fixed an issue when the application icon in Launchpad would appear broken on macOS 13 Ventura and macOS 14 Sonoma
  • Fixed error messaging for deleting an authentication source
  • Fixed minor UI issues
  • Fixed an issue with the drag-and-drop uploader not working when visiting a link to a shared folder
  • Fixed an issue when cutting files from Sync Folder and pasting them into a local folder could lead to data loss
  • Fixed an issue when network problems during copying and pasting files into Sync Folder could lead to some files being skipped from sync
  • Fixed an issue when sync could hang on an unstable network connection
  • Fixed an issue when sync could hang when client tried to delete a folder that was already deleted on the server

If you encounter any issues with the new update, pleas contact with your findings.